Award Winning Job (Woodbine Cottage)

C.F. Painting & Decorating were extremely pleased with their work at Woodbine Cottage, and so were Dulux. Who awarded them with the honour of first prize in the 'Dulux Select Decorators' Exterior Category in 2011.

The completed front door
Woodbine Cottage's sign
The side of the property before work took place
A close up of the side wall, with peeling paint
An image of one of the decorators taking a photo
Removing old paint from the front door
A stripped down window ready for painting
A window that has aged, and is ready for redecoration
The front door before work began
Painting the exterior side wall
Exterior before work commenced
Another shot before the project started
Using 'Dulux Stain Block Paint' on the exterior of the cottage
Covering stains on walls with 'Dulux Stain Paint'
Another shot of painting the side wall of Woodbine Cottage
The window after it has had the first coat applied
Window with masking tape around edges to avoid paint going on the glass
An old window that has faded
A distance shot of the exterior of Woodbine Cottage
Painting first floor window ledges
An application shot of the front entrance to Woodbine Cottage
A shot of the finished exterior at Woodbine Cottage
A window after it had been fully repainted
An exterior shot of the side wall at Woodbine Cottage
The exterior of Woodbine Cottage after the project was completed

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